Description: SCARS is a psychological thriller| written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Sean K. Robb. In this stark and disturbing story| Scar – a raven-haired punk with blood under her fingernails – and Scarlett – a blond beauty with a penchant for extortion – discover that they enjoy killing men together. ‘Killing dudes is easy|’ says Scar| as the two women embark on a violent and ruthless killing spree| pursued by the mysterious Det. Mike. A story about what happens to human beings who allow themselves to be consumed by nihilism and misanthropy| SCARS is an exploration of morality and ethics in a post 9/11 world – a tense and terrifying film that’s part character study| part slasher flick.


Title: Scars 2016

Country: USA
Region: Hollywood movies
Genre: Horror
Duration: 01:38:00
Year: 2016

Language: EN

Director: Sean K. Robb
Cast: Danielle Cole , Neale Kimmel , Matt Wells , Eric Regimbald , Ophilia Davis , Nigel Downer , Chris Handfield , Greg LeGros , Jennifer McAuliffe , Jon Pressick , Ryan Alexander Scott II , Tennessee Webb