Description: Three time periods – young adolescence| mid-teen and young adult – in the life of black-American Chiron is presented. When a child| Chiron lives with his single| crack addict mother Paula in a crime ridden neighborhood in Miami. Chiron is a shy| withdrawn child largely due to his small size and being neglected by his mother| who is more concerned about getting her fixes and satisfying her carnal needs than taking care of him. Because of these issues| Chiron is bullied| the slurs hurled at him which he doesn’t understand beyond knowing that they are meant to be hurtful. Besides his same aged Cuban-American friend Kevin| Chiron is given what little guidance he has in life from a neighborhood drug dealer named Juan| who can see that he is neglected| and Juan’s caring girlfriend Teresa| whose home acts as a sanctuary away from the bullies and away from Paula’s abuse. With this childhood as a foundation| Chiron may have a predetermined path in life| one that will only be magnified in terms…


Title: Moonlight 2016 1080p

Country: USA
Region: Hollywood movies
Genre: Drama
Duration: 00:00:00
Year: 2016

Language: EN
Subtitle: English

Director: Barry Jenkins
Cast: Mahershala Ali , Shariff Earp , Duan Sanderson , Alex R. Hibbert , Janelle Monáe , Naomie Harris , Jaden Piner , Herman ‘Caheei McGloun , Kamal Ani-Bellow , Keomi Givens , Eddie Blanchard , Rudi Goblen , Ashton Sanders , Edson Jean , Patrick Decile