Description: As the Lich King’s zombie legions ravage the world| Marek| a cursed young sorceress| embarks on a quest to obtain a weapon from the gods| with her friend Dagen| a self-serving half-elf rogue. But when she joins her sworn enemy in a desperate attempt to save the world| she must recover the good in herself before her friends are all dead| and defeat the Lich King before the gods are destroyed and the world forever enslaved.


Title: Mythica The Godslayer 2016 720p

Country: USA
Region: Hollywood movies
Genre: Fantasy
Duration: 01:00:00
Year: 2016

Language: EN

Director: John Lyde
Cast: Griffin Bonacci , Devin Hansen , Danny James , Kristen Marie Jensen , Adam Johnson , Andy Jones , Randall Malin , Matthew Mercer , Christopher Robin Miller , James C. Morris , Kristian Nairn , Nicola Posener , Melanie Stone , Jake Stormoen , Seth William